Shore Wish It'd Rain

by Joe Kady

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People in cow business talk about the weather. This is a poem about weather set to music. The lyrics are from a book of poems called Pure Rawhide, by Jack Nelson, My Dad. .


SHORE WISH IT’D RAIN, music Joe Kady, words Jack Nelson

In this cow country it’s been mighty dry
Day after day it’s another clear sky
The cowman looks up and says with pain
It’s been mighty dry, shore wish it’d rain
The wind it howls, the dust it blows
We went all last winter without any snow
What we really need, I’ll say again
It’s been mighty dry, shore wish it’d rain

There’s rains on the coast, wash things away
Here we just see blue skies everyday
We sold off some cows just the young one’s here
Their ribs are showing, the sky is still clear
We plowed the 40, put it in cane
It hasn’t come up yet, shore wish it’d rain
Two friends meet in town, they don’t say hellow
“Shore wish it’d rain”, that’s all they know

What’s that this morning? That sounds like thunder!
Oh! That crack of lightning tore things asunder
That bolt must have hit right down in the draw
Now it’s raining hard as I ever saw. (rain, rain, rain)
Take a look out, the rain is so dense
I can’t even see from here to the fence
Let’s make some coffee, it’s raining a lot
If I’ve seen rain like this I must of forgot (rain, rain, rain)

After a while of it raining so hard
It quits kinda quick and I step out in the yard
There’s a mighty fine rainbow, I take a good look
The trail to the barn, it’s a babblin’ brook
This is great, a wonderful day
Let’s saddle up a horse, we’ll take a survey
The dam is washed out…
The cane it has too…
Fences in the draw will all have to be new
Them two hefers should have had better sense
Standin’ right there with their heads through the fence
The lightnin’ that killed ‘em musta come down the wire
See how it set that old fence post on fire

Well, we got some rain, shore had to pay
We got a whole years supply, all in one day


released December 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Joe Kady Hayward, California

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